Roy Harris 1931-2015

Roy Harris was Emeritus Professor of General Linguistics in the University of Oxford and Honorary Fellow of St Edmund Hall. He also held university teaching posts in Hong Kong, Boston and Paris and visiting fellowships at universities in South Africa and Australia, and at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

His books on integrationism, theory of communication, semiology and the history of linguistic thought include The Language Myth, Rethinking Writing, Saussure and his Interpreters,The Necessity of Artspeak, The Semantics of Science, Mindboggling, Rationality and the Literate Mind and After Epistemology.

He was a founding member of the International Association for the Integrational Study of Language and Communication (IAISLC) and founding editor in 1981 of the journal Language & Communication, which he edited or co-edited for twenty-nine years.


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