Integrationist Notes and Papers

   •Roy Harris

The purpose of this series was to give a brief position statement from an integrationist perspective on a variety of controversial issues.

Four collections of these papers have been published as paperbacks, Integrationist Notes and Papers 2003-2005, INP 2006-2008, INP 2009-2011and INP 2012.

It was the author's wish that all Integrationist Notes and Papers be available for purchase. However, since his death the remaining copies have been handed over to his Literary Executor Stephen Farrow as part of his Literary Estate. Unfortunately Dr Farrow has refused to honour book purchases made through this website.

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Contents of Integrationist Notes and Papers 2003-2005 (ISBN 0-9546099-4-8):

1. Communication: or How Jill Got Her Apple
2. English: How Not To Teach It
3. Texts and Contexts
4. On Indeterminacy
5. Time, Language and Angels
6. Synchrony and Diachrony
7. Integrationism and Philosophy of Language
8. On Determinacy of Linguistic Form
9. Integrationism and Arbitrariness
10. Integrationism and Etymology
11. Signs and Stories
12. Meaning and Experience
13. On Holistic Models of Language
14. Integrationism and the Foundations of Mathematics
15. Integrationism and Godspeak

Contents of Integrationist Notes and Papers 2006-2008 (ISBN 978-07552-1116-6):

16. Integrating Freud
17. Freud and the Language Myth
18. Integrating Autism 
19. The Grammar of Numbers 
20. Getting at the Truth 
21. Words Most Wonderful
22. What a Linguistic Fact is Not
23. The Myth of Reference
24. Integrating Husserl 
25. The Integrational Conception of the Sign

Contents of Integrationist Notes and Papers 2009-2011
(ISBN 978-07552-1341-2):

26. Language Myths, East and West
27. On ‘Primitive’ Languages in Linguistic Theory
28. Linguistic Relativity
29. Saussure and Logic
30. Sentences and Systems
31. Theory of Mind
32. Mental Misrepresentations
33. The Quest for Qualia
34. The Translation Myth
35. On Ultimate Questions

Contents of Integrationist Notes and Papers 2012 (ISBN 978-07552-1425-9):

36. Russell Revisited
37. Minds, Brains and Language Machines
38. Logic and Babel
39. Reason and Truth
40. Laws of Thought
41. Ordinary Language
42. Forms of Talk and Forms of Action
43. By Any Other Name
44. Any Questions?

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