Mindboggling. Preliminaries to a science of the mind(2008)

   •Roy Harris

Paperback: 173 pages
ISBN: 9780954978020

Do you have a mind? Answers to this question have divided Western thinkers for centuries, and still do. Sceptics have argued that popular beliefs about the mind are based on subjective impressions and unverifiable speculation. The existence of the mind (as distinct from the brain) has been called a myth. Opponents of the sceptics have argued that unless human beings did have minds, the most sigificant features of human activity would be inexplicable. The human mind is held responsible not only for the greatest achievements of the human race but also for its greatest disasters. This debate shows no signs of going away, or of being settled. The sheer complexity of the mindís alleged activities makes it a formidably difficult field for lay inquiry. Mindboggling sets out to reduce this complexity by identifying a nucleus of basic issues about the mind, and presenting the main arguments for and against in each case. Anticipate wails from theorists whose theories have been given short shrift.

– ‘The author...has a reputation for originality...This book is valuable in asking questions and throwing down the gauntlet to current philosophers’: Richard Gregory inTimes Higher Education


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