Introduction to Integrational Linguistics (1998)

   •Roy Harris

Hardcover: 178 pages
Publisher: Pergamon, Oxford, 1998
ISBN: 0080433642

Integrationism poses a serious challenge to the orthodoxies of structuralism and generativism in modern linguistics. It proposes a new approach to the problems involved in defining the basic concepts of language. Each chapter starts from questions likely to be already familiar to the majority of students in linguistics, and shows how an integrational approach tackles these questions from a novel perspective. The chapters are ‘Language and Communication’, ‘Language and the Language Myth’, ‘Language and Meaning’, ‘Language and Discourse’, ‘Language and Writing’ and ‘Language and Society’. A companion volume, Integrational Linguistics: a First Reader, edited by Harris and Wolf (1998), supplies a selection of integrationist papers on a variety of linguistic topics.

– ‘If you seek an introduction to integrational linguistics that is ‘authoritative’ in the truest sense of the word – maybe even to a fault – look no further’: John Joseph in Language Sciences

– ‘Integrationalism has emerged as a thriving school throwing up significant challenges to orthodox linguistics’:Tony Bex in Language in Literature

It was the author's wish that Introduction to Integrational Linguistics be available for purchase. However, since his death the remaining copies have been handed over to his Literary Executor Stephen Farrow as part of his Literary Estate. Unfortunately Dr Farrow has refused to honour book purchases made through this website.

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